Sunday, January 26, 2014

WATKINS Old Homeplaces - Horsepasture, VA

WATKINS Homeplaces

This home is in the best shape of all the Watkins homes on the old home site in Horsepasture, VA near Price Road. We also believe it is the oldest. The first house below had people living in it until the 1980's. Based on the original construction, we estimate it was first built around 1780-1820.

1st House - Front Image

1st House - Side View 

1st House - Top of stairs looking down from upper floor. 
I took this image in the around 2004. I have no idea if the condition of the house has grown worse, but at this time the structure was sound enough to climb the stairs and walk around the upper room. 

Back behind the first Watkins house and in the woods was another Watkins house. Between these homes was a huge indenture that looked like it used to be an old wagon road between the houses. Beyond this house is the Old Watkins Cemetery. These graves have now been relocated and merged with the Payne Cemetery nearby. These two families intermarried. I do not know if this house and these woods were still there as the area was being cleared for development around 2009. 

 2nd House

 2nd House - Inside main living room fireplace

 This was the 3rd Watkins House in an open field beyond the 2nd house. Due to development and the relocation of the Watkins Cemetery, we believe this 3rd Watkins House was destroyed. 

3rd Watkins House

Inside the 3rd Watkins house - Inside main living room fireplace.

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