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Salem Cemetery - Forsyth County, NC

Note: If known, married names are in parenthesis.

Belle Murphy (Harris) 
b. Jan 8, 1859 
d. Mar 19, 1939

Edmond E. Harris
b. July 22, 1853
d. April 18, 1933

J.M. Harris
b. Mar 4, 1864
d. June 24, 1911

Mary Mainer Harris
d. Feb 14, 1916
Aged 76

M. E. Harris, daughter of E.E. & B.W. Harris
b. Aug 28, 1884
d. Feb 21, 1903

Bettie T. Hudson
b. 1877
d. 1941

Thomas D. Hudson
b. 1875
d. 1911

Col. James Martin
b. May 1, 1846
d. Jan 3,1903

Mary Augusta Payne
b. Sept 26, 1875
d. May 26, 1889

Roberta Lee Payne
b. Dec 31, 1879
d. May 16, 1883

Phoebe Anne Stone, wife of John Dupuy Watkins
b. April 17, 1824
d. Aug 1, 1924

Dr. C.J. Watkins
b. Aug 4, 1837
d. June 14, 1900

Flora O. Watkins
b. June 27, 1850
d. Jan 8, 1922

Effie Spaugh Watkins
b. Mar 19, 1882
d. July 16, 1955

Ida Watkins (Sandridge)
b. April 17, 1861
d. July 28, 1959

Irene Montague Watkins, wife of Dr. Joseph Conrad Watkins 
b. Nov 8, 1880
d. Nov 11, 1957

James Robert Watkins
b. Feb 1, 1869
d. June 10, 1962

John Dupuy Watkins
b. Sept 26, 1810
d. Apr 26, 1896

Mary Elizabeth Watkins, daughter of J.C. & I.M. Watkins
b. Aug 28, 1906
d. Aug 6, 1907

Mary Florence Watkins, wife of Col. James Watkins
b. Mar 27, 1847
d. Apr 14, 1934

Phoebe Augusta Watkins
b. July 28, 1845
d. Dec 2, 1939

Samuel Ferdinand Watkins
b. July 13, 1850
d. Aug 29, 1912

Wallace Watkins, C.J. & Flora O. Watkins
b. Mar 14, 1881
d. Feb 4, 1882

Sunday, January 26, 2014

SAFERIGHT Family Photos

J. Elmer Saferight - (1894 - 1951)

Flora Sarah Saferight - (1890 - 1972)

Grady E. Saferight and wife Lena
Grady - (1906 - 1998)

Ulleses Grant Saferight - (b. abt 1870)
Back L to R: Garland Saferight, Jack Saferight, Joe Saferight, Ulleses Grant Saferight, Martha Jane Saferight
Adults Front Row: Clara Maude Holland Saferight, Lugie Saferight

Ulleses Grant Saferight - (b. abt 1870)

William Wesley Saferight - (1861 - 1941)

William Wesley Saferight and wife Clara
William - (b. abt 1899)

William Wesley Saferight - (1899)

Peter Daniel WATKINS Homeplace - Stokes County, NC

Peter Daniel WATKINS Homeplace

Front view of Peter Daniel Watkins Home. People were still living here when I took the image in 2003. Therefore, I couldn't get any closer.  Located at 704 Moir Farm Rd., Stokes County, NC. This place served as the Watkinsville Post Office 1895-1904. Peter was the Post Master until his death in 1903. The family cemetery is off to the side of the house closer to the road. 

Peter Daniels Watkins Home - Front View

Peter Daniel Watkins Home - Side view from the family cemetery

 The Peter Daniel Watkins Family Cemetery beside the house and my little daughter

WATKINS Old Homeplaces - Horsepasture, VA

WATKINS Homeplaces

This home is in the best shape of all the Watkins homes on the old home site in Horsepasture, VA near Price Road. We also believe it is the oldest. The first house below had people living in it until the 1980's. Based on the original construction, we estimate it was first built around 1780-1820.

1st House - Front Image

1st House - Side View 

1st House - Top of stairs looking down from upper floor. 
I took this image in the around 2004. I have no idea if the condition of the house has grown worse, but at this time the structure was sound enough to climb the stairs and walk around the upper room. 

Back behind the first Watkins house and in the woods was another Watkins house. Between these homes was a huge indenture that looked like it used to be an old wagon road between the houses. Beyond this house is the Old Watkins Cemetery. These graves have now been relocated and merged with the Payne Cemetery nearby. These two families intermarried. I do not know if this house and these woods were still there as the area was being cleared for development around 2009. 

 2nd House

 2nd House - Inside main living room fireplace

 This was the 3rd Watkins House in an open field beyond the 2nd house. Due to development and the relocation of the Watkins Cemetery, we believe this 3rd Watkins House was destroyed. 

3rd Watkins House

Inside the 3rd Watkins house - Inside main living room fireplace.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Galloway Family of South Carolina

Our Galloway family settled in Darlington County, South Carolina. Galloway is a territorial name from a region in southwest Scotland. The associated clan name for Galloway is a sept of MacFarlane Clan.

My gg-grandmother was Elizabeth Galloway who married William Wesley Hudson. Her parents were George Galloway and Susanna Pipkin. Her grandfather was Absalom Galloway. Based on circumstantial evidence, we believe that Absalom's birth was during or before the 1760's. Our Galloway family cemetery is still in the Galloway family and in excellent condition on private property. While we aren't sure exactly when and where our Galloways came to the Carolinas, we do know they were here by the mid-to-late 1700's due to the land deeds and will records from the area. 
As time permits, I plan to continue researching the the Galloways in the Carolinas.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Below are photos of WATKINS family members and ancestors connected to the families in Our Carolina Roots. All are descendants of Edward "Ned" Watkins and his wife Catey, born in the mid-to-late 1700's. If you would like to submit more WATKINS photos, contact Jennifer Hudson Taylor, here.

Bernice "Betty" Watkins (b.1892) daughter of James "Jimmy" Robert Watkins and Mary Emma Watkins

Biddie Watkins (b.1877) with husband John Thomas Carter, and son, James Everette Carter
Biddie Watkins with daughter, Cassie Carter, and granddaughter, Rachel Carter

Christine Watkins age 2 with father, Judson Hersley Watkins
Christine Fern Watkins (b.1920) Age 17
Christine Fern Watkins Age 18
Christine Fern Watkins (color image)
Christine Watkins with husband Lee Thomas Hudson in 1938 before they married
Christine Watkins (Hudson) with husband Lee Hudson, and sons, Tommy and Bennie
Christine Watkins (Hudson) with daughter, Jane Hudson, and sons, Bennie and Tommy
Christine Watkins (Hudson) at 80th birthday party in May 2000

Daniel T. Watkins (1873-1936) son of Horsley Watkins and Ruth Watkins, husband of Licora "Cora" Nunn, his parents were first cousins.
Daniel T. Watkins (not sure of identity, but believed to be a young Daniel T. Watkins)

Greenbury (Green Berry) Watkins (1830-1915) only photo of Watkins brother that served in the Civil War

Gussie Watkins daughter of Judson Hersely Watkins and Sallie Harris, died before age 2

Jack Coley Watkins, Sr. son of Peter "Jud" Judson Hersley Watkins and Sallie Lou Harris 

John Tyler Watkins (1860-1932) oldest son of Hiram Smith Watkins and Susan Payne, husband of Naomie "Nannie" E. Watkins, daughter of William Joseph Watkins and Elizabeth Jane Creasy, John and Naomie were first cousins.
John Tyler Watkins on his horse, Ruby
John Tyler Watkins with his wife and daughters

Judson Hersley Watkins in WWI uniform with wife Sallie Harris
Judson Watkins with daughter Christine at age 2
Judson "Jud" Hersley Watkins (1899-1956) son of James "Jimmy" Robert Watkins and Mary Emma Watkins, parents were first cousins.

Lucille Watkins (Chilton) with brother Ronald Watkins at sister Christine Watkins Hudson's 80th birthday party May 2000

Marvin Watkins son of Judson Hersley Watkins and Sallie Harris Watkins

Mary Emma Watkins (1870-1938) daughter of Horsley Watkins and Ruth Watkins, wife of James "Jimmy" Robert Watkins, her parents were first cousins and she married her first cousin.

Pearl "Aggie" Joyce Watkins (b.1890), daughter of Daniel Webster Watkins and Lucy Ann Joyce, wife of William Perry Barnes

Ronald Watkins with sister Lucille Watkins Chilton at sister Christine Watkins Hudson's 80th birthday party May 2000

Rufus Joseph Fountain Watkins (1859-1929), son of John Wesley Watkins and Susan Robertson, husband of Mary "Emma" Busic