Sunday, January 9, 2011

Galloway Family of South Carolina

Our Galloway family settled in Darlington County, South Carolina. Galloway is a territorial name from a region in southwest Scotland. The associated clan name for Galloway is a sept of MacFarlane Clan.

My gg-grandmother was Elizabeth Galloway who married William Wesley Hudson. Her parents were George Galloway and Susanna Pipkin. Her grandfather was Absalom Galloway. Based on circumstantial evidence, we believe that Absalom's birth was during or before the 1760's. Our Galloway family cemetery is still in the Galloway family and in excellent condition on private property. While we aren't sure exactly when and where our Galloways came to the Carolinas, we do know they were here by the mid-to-late 1700's due to the land deeds and will records from the area. 
As time permits, I plan to continue researching the the Galloways in the Carolinas.

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